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Heating & Fireside 


We've got to be Truro's destination store for heating. We offer a one stop shop for affordable, top quality and stylish fires and accessories.


Real fires have made a big comeback in recent years so our collection of solid fuel kits, frets and grates are popular, but our superb collection of fireside companion sets, coal buckets and hods add a decorative finishing touch to your setting.


For all the heat and beauty but without the hassle, we stock electric stove heaters to create a stunning focal point.


We also offer the portable heating solutions of oil filled radiators, fan heaters, convector heaters, halogen, ceramic and gas cabinet heaters.

We take safety seriously here at Mallett's and provide a choice of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  David says "It's not just gas-burning products that can pose a carbon monoxide risk, but any product burning oil or solid fuel (coal, wood, petrol) can produce carbon monoxide."  

For any assistance in calculating the type of heater that would best suit your space, please call in.

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