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Have a brush with some paint effects with Malletts Home Hardware

The term ‘upcycling’ first entered our vocabulary in the mid 1990’s. Coincidentally, at about this time a new generation of TV makeover gurus were rummaging through suburban skips in search of bits of broken or dilapidated furniture they could restore or repurpose.

Inspired by the likes of “Changing Rooms”, upcycling is a side of interior design that has, over two decades, both matured and endured as an affordable and environmentally principled way of adding individuality and distinction to virtually any style of home decor. This can be seen in the emergence of paint products designed to achieve a variety of finishes on all manner of surfaces, in particular the ‘shabby chic’ vintage appearance that quickly and easily transforms both new and upcycled furniture, wood paneling and architectural features into signature design statements.

At Mallett’s we now stock a range of Rust-oleum paint products, specially chosen for their versatility and ease of use.

One such product is Rust-oleum’s Chalky Finish Furniture Paint. Available in a range of classic shades it’s the upcycler’s answer to renovating and transforming tired and outdated household items. It can be applied directly to bare or previously painted or varnished wood, and to brick, stone, plaster, metal and plastic surfaces that have been suitably primed. Being water-based the paint is virtually odour-free and highly concentrated to provide exceptional coverage in a single coat. It dries to a smooth matt finish.

Creating a distressed appearance is easily achieved by applying two coats of paint in contrasting colours and then sanding or scouring the topcoat when dry to expose the underlying colour. A coat of Rust-oleum Furniture Finishing Wax can help protect the paint from water marking and other stains while providing a subtle velvety sheen.

Rust-oleum produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of household paint products that add splashes of colour, texture and design flair to even the most tired or mundane items. Squeezed family budgets and the realisation that landfill capacity is far from infinite are making us think more about how furniture and other domestic items can be upcycled, repurposed or simply given a new lease of life. From skips to charity shops and flea markets to boot sales, not to mention forgotten items in our own lofts and garages, there is a wealth of items ready and waiting to be revitalized with a simple, creative makeover.

So, come and visit us in-store for some friendly advice and inspiration. Not only do we stock furniture paints, we also have products for reviving metals and garden furniture, together with a comprehensive range of adhesives, fixings and ironmongery to help you repair, renovate and embellish your project.

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